IG account request verify again!

Yesterday, I signed up my IG account by chrome browser on my iphone (don’t use wifi, use 4G ) then i logged into it by IG app to update successfully three fields: Profile Image, Bio, and Verify Phone.

Today, I use 4G to log into it by IG app, there is a check_point request from IG. I have fill my verified phone number to receive codes but there is nothing !!

Please help me verify this ! Do I need to buy a proxy ?

This be happening to me too.

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Did you contact Instagram support for further assistance? https://help.instagram.com/

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may be it was just a network problem

i face same issue on BSNL network in INDIA

messages either received very late or no message was received

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Your getting a PV for many reasons… you’re going to need to give us more information. A proxy is not the answer to everything.

Is MP on a VPS or on your PC? How many other accounts are running on MP with it?

When you create it on a browser, then log in from a phone, it’s going to ask to verify, this is pretty normal. Why did you create it on chrome on your phone instead of the app??

How many accounts have you created this way? Even if you use chrome on your phone, your going to be sending them the same info you would if you used the app (almost).

Is your phone in airplane mode? Do you need to buy data or texts?

IG is like any other business, sometimes they have problems with their network. If you have 1 account running on 1 PC, a proxy might make the problem worse, rather than better.

As others have mentioned, there is a network issue in India.

A Google search (which is way different and dare I say, almost easier than asking on the forum), shows a few solutions along with the hundreds of threads you’ll find on MP social with the same problem. NO need for every single person that has the same problem to create a new thread asking the same question every few hours.

As a matter of fact, from all of the 45 seconds of searching, this is a very common problem.




Make sure to try using an international prefix with the number as well, that might be the issue.


i think this is is issue as well

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