IG Accounts & Cookies

Hi all,

I hope this is posted in the correct section, please move if not.

I have purchased ig accounts and received them with cookies, so it was username, password and cookies ( looks like a long string of characters ) on an excel spreadsheet.

How do i add this manually to Jarvee, the reason i ask because i added 1 account and added the cookies under the cookie section where it says value. However IG immediately asked for email confirmation on logon and i have no email info for these accounts.

Am i doing something wrong, or should the accounts come with email access as well?

You need to add the binary cookies when you login the account,there’s a youtube tutorial about it,do check it out.

It looks like you added the accounts correctly, but your proxy might be what’s causing you errors. You might need to purchase a new account and new proxy.

Hey, thanks for this as i dont think there is anywhere else i could have added it