IG accounts getting week long bans consistently from F/UF how to fix?

Ive been using jarvee for about 5 months, and a new problem ive been having is that my main accounts on IG are getting banned for 5-7 days from instagram to follow or unfollow anyone. It doesnt matter if i use EB or API im still getting bans regardless. after the 7 day ban ends i just get banned again once i start automation again. Help Please:)

Are you hsing 4g or DC proxies?

If you are getting this conssistent on all accounts there is an issue with your configuration or proxies. If its happening only on one account it could be just bad trust score of an account.

maybe it’s the quality of the account or proxy or settings issue.

I have many accounts and doing well on mobile proxy of my own

4g proxies at the beginning & then now im using 5g. i wasnt having many problems with 4g but thought 5g would be better overall

its happening on all my accounts

are you running eb or api on your mains

There will be no difference between 4G and 5G proxies. Only the network speed will change :slight_smile:

It means there is a footprint(s) left behind. Check what they do have in common, and make it more custom.

is it safe to run unfollow tool and follow tool at the same time?

Do you use get user info calls?

I think Jarvee team are not updated Instagram Private API fully yet or maybe they are missing something. Code of Jarvee is closed and located in binary files, so there is no ways to debug how that really works.

This part is very important. I use my own modules built on my Instagram Private API for PHP and from time to time I see some things are changed on API Level, on proxy level and on Instagram Firewall level.

It’s can be a new rate limits, new proxy restrictions or new headers in requests.

api only on all of them

how do i private message or contact you

would you be willing to guide me? If you guide me successfully I will pay you. If yes leave me your contact info so i can message you privately

can you message me privately please

If you have been performing only purely Follows and Unfollows, Instagram could have regarded that as a pattern, and remember IG does not like any pattern. It’s also unusual for an account to just have Follow/Unfollow actions, that’s why we remind humanizing the account by means of using other tools as well so that the activities will look like it’s done by a real human being and not automated.

Message me personally

i run follow unfollow and likes, anything else i should run?

I have been helping people regarding their account. Accounts are getting banned nowadays.

A few blocks for me but nothing too bad. Scrapers how ever are getting constant verifications.