IG Accounts was banned

Hello guys.

I have a big problem with my IG accs. 5 days ago I added 10 accs to massplanner. While warming up first day was banned first account and second day was banned next account. In the fourth day I added links. Today my 5 accs was banned.

My strategy was like that: 1 Day - add max 50 followings, 2 Day the same, 3 Day the same, 4 Day add links, 5 Day add max 300 followings.

I am using IG accounts Non-PVA 8 months+ old.

Proxy from https://buyproxies.org - 10 Semi-dedicated proxies. Location proxy is from Germany.
If I need phone verification I use sim cards from my country. But now all accs was banned after phone verification.

Moreover I use 1 proxy to 2 accs. I make pre-landers in weebly (one to 1 IG acc) and LP in domain (1 Domain to 2 IG Accs).

I using in all accs niche Free Instagram Followers.

BTW. All accs was banned. In massplanner is written “PHONE VALIDATION” but all IG accounts was banned.

Does anyone can help me ?

I am able to give someone award for user If I will start earn regular money.

If it says Phone Validation, stop all tools, and click the browse button to see the actual request. The account might look taken down, but is not.

He said that all his accounts got banned after phone verification.
@mmax your main problem was the link,never add links in the bio in the first weeks.
Second problem you have are the proxies,never use semi-dedicated proxies,always use dedicated proxies.You can basicaly use anything you want,just don’t be surprised when your accounts get baned.
Semi-dedicated = other people are using the same proxy.

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I hope you get your accounts back

I just bought 20 accounts from BHW but incidentally this guys site has a lot of great info. Hope you get your accounts working.

No, I don’t make phone verification, all accs was banned. In massplanner is written “PHONE VALIDATION”

If it says “phone validation” it probably is. Open your account, click on browse, open instagram client and you will see phone validation screen.

adding links in the bio that fast was suicide. Just sayin. Does everyone not read the guides on this forum? lol

The question is, why 1 domain to 2 accs when the site is free?

I dont really have issue adding such links to aged accs.

But this niche is heavily spammed, i’ve had quite the trouble with it.

When the IG account is prompted for phone validation, it will look like it’s disabled, temporarily. No one can see the page.

If you phone verify successfully, the page will be visible and enabled again

If your phone verification failed, it will be banned

Understand that when I try login to my account. I can’t do this because me account was banned.

In my all accs I added link in place for purpose.


I see you have 1month+ accounts for $0.35.

Few days ago I bought 30 fresh non PVA accounts (from different supplier) and imported them all to MP without EV or PV, and it was such a great feeling :slight_smile:
Do you have fresh accounts like these?


Will answer on PM as I feel this thread is not best matched to make further posts about new deals :slight_smile:

Well there’s most likely your problem.


Man, I never wrote that your account is bad. Your screenshot skype is from another client.I never talk to you about it. I added information about IG accs to find out where the mistake was made. The topic was to find the error and fix it, not to lower your reputation.

Regarding the bans, it can be a plethora of things when it comes to IG. They have really tight filters in place when it comes to spam. I don’t want to blame it on the proxies, and also my accs are resting in stock until someone buys them and start using them, up to that point the accs are fine, next it depends on how the accs are going to be used and on the IG filters…

If you bought from me you got my skype/email, please reach to me so I can try to help.

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