IG ADS! How to get CTA open in APP?

whenever I try to make an advertisement via FB ads manager

the CTA (link to my IG) opens in the users browser instead of the IG app!
this results on tons of clicks but no follows!
ive tested it my self and on a friends phone as they got hit with my advert
the link opens in browser! if user is not logged in via browser they cant follow or anything.

how do i get it to open in browser!
or how do i get my custom and lookalike audiences in IG ads platform!

please help ive been trying to figure this out for weeks and wasted about $200 on ads that did not benefit me in anyway!

You can use deep link like this https://app.urlgeni.us/


i tried that sort of.

i didnt make an ad with it, but i send my deeplink via DM to myself (other account)
it didnt open

trying to link to my profile

this is the correct way?

how to test/see your ad in IG to know its working?

Try to create an ad through the mobile app. The app lets you select your profile as objective. Users will get a swipe up message like “Visit Instagram Profile” instead of “See more” or similar. Also your profile will open within the app. The negative part is that from the app you have many limitations and fewer adset tools.

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@Devilish this is your answer, if it’s not working you haven’t done it correctly.

Another vouch for https://app.urlgeni.us/