IG Algorithm or My Account ShadowBanned

I have a question. Recently I have been getting ZERO engagement from hashtags. I have posted super high quality content on a brand new account and get literally zero likes. I am not getting any engagement from any of my accounts. Only people that follow me are seeing my posts. I have a few accounts linked to each other on my phone I have botted and had fake likes and followers added to one of my accounts in the PAST but im wondering if it is just now affecting me.

My girlfriend posted the same content and received 50 likes within 30 minutes. I received 0… on all my accounts im logged into on my phone.

What do you guys think?

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My understanding is that this is normal for brand new accounts. It takes a couple weeks to start showing under hashtags


Let me add more info… my last 2 posts got 8 and 10 likes. This account is new but has been active for months. Then this one zero. Maybe it just went back to not showing again? My account that has 300 followers got 11 likes. This picture is incredible… lol it should catch the eye from any feed.

Instagram is always updating their algorithm so that more relevant posts are shown to people. Similarly, for quite a while now even the hashtag search results are personalized; so even if you have a billion followers on Instagram your posts won’t be shown to everyone.

Here’s a message from Instagram with a little insight into how posts are shown.

My advice is as follows:

  • Post hashtags which are as relevant as possible to your post so that it is only shown to people who are definitely going to relate to it
  • Quality over quantity posts - the length of time people view your post for is one of the most important factors in trending
  • Post when your followers are the most active, as the amount of likes or views and comments you already have on a post will effect how people perceive its value
  • Write meaningful and engaging captions that prompt a response
  • Join an engagement group with some personal freinds who you can count on supporting you - or create some slave accounts that post comments on and like your new posts to give them a bit of a kick

The bottom line is that Instagram wants people to see content which is going to engage them. The most important thing is that you’re striving to post world-class content. Anything less just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Look at people’s accounts who are doing well and trending in similar industries and take a note out of their book where your content is concerned.

Good luck!

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I’ve had a problem with my hashtags too

I am not an expert but have been testing and checking what works and what doesn’t. Have you been using any automation? are you getting any action blocks? if you are getting action blocks it is very likely that your reach is getting ccut down by 70-80%. best thing to do is keep posting without hashtags for a week or 2 and it will be improved for sure. or use 3-4 different hashtags every day.

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A good explanation could be that the majority of engagement that was happening on hashtags was actually coming from automation. The popular hashtags were targetted by automations tools. As the new changes on IG algo has been harsh on automation a great reason for decrease of hashtags engagement that is.
Another reason could be you are shadowbanned for some reason. Check that. It’s a good indication of decrease engagement on hashtag

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check if you are shadow banned. Use an obscure hashtag with like less than 100 posts to see if you rank under top tab and if its under recent tab.

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My opinion is that its just down or services are down. Check downdetector the last 3-4 days have just been horrible. I don’t think users are even able to view their feeds. I’m assuming if this only happened a day ago.

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IG’s down detector has been pretty active since beginning of June. lol


I think most reports are begrudged botters, as far as I know IG has only been down once in the recent month.