IG Ambassador Method

Anyone still doing well with the ambassador approach? Would love to hear which strategies currently work to grow an acc. Happy to exchange knowledge

It’s definitely not creative at all. Would not recommend it ; everyone was and is still doing it. Step up your game is better

it’s not a method, it’s basically a scam LOL

yeah, many users are still using it and recommending others to use it so yeah better to be creative and use something else/better.

the ambassador strategy is so old like the multi marketing network strategy all people was involved one time and just have bad experience. if you want to lose fast your reputation do it.

Just if you have a really good new never be release product that people will love for example a “iPhone” than you have a chance with ambassador via Instagram. In normal business life with producer and dealer ambassador program are normal. But this are full professional companies (b2b) and not i try to trick private customer (b2c).

Depends on you and what you offer. Whaterdrop was for example one of the companies that used for last affiliate and ambassador marketing and it works well. But the have a good product. Just really expansive.

Always frustrates me when these questions are asked as if a strategy has gone out of date - this isn’t how marketing works.

The use of a strategy is entirely dependent on its user, and if it’s not, and instead some sort of ‘hack’ or ‘secret’ that works because not many people know about it - then it doesn’t have longevity and that speaks for itself.

Ambassador marketing most certainly works, and it’s one of the main strategies that the huge e-commerce giant Gymshark (worth £700 million) used and still actively uses to grow their brand.

Sorry, I may have missed something. Are we debating whether ambassadors work to raise the profile of brands?

Hang on, let me check with Nike, Gymshark, Rolex (the list goes on…). :wink:

Honestly, ambassador marketing works best with good (legitimate) products, transparent payment, and a solid content and communications strategy to back it up.

You said it. That’s why many marketers who are still doing it for X Y Z dropshipping products should think about another strategy… Not everyone can use such process effectively


Exaclty this don’t work. Dropshipping Products are bad for environment and the people more and more are looking for environment friendly products and Dropshi Products exist in mass and everyone has a bad experience with this. So one Bad experience and never will buy again. Maybe the first one made money but today this is not more working.