IG analytics tool with interesting data

So I’ve seen this tool mentioned a few times but never actually discussed so I wanted to bring it up.

A friend of mine working with IG marketing sent me this today: https://hypeauditor.com/

Besides the normal data just about every analyser gives this also offer some interesting info on the followers. Especially in terms of what type of accounts that follows an account.

I know they have some paid service to receive reports but after registering it allows me look at data from different accounts for free.

From their own website:

Audience quality analytics

Get in-depth analysis of the quality of audience and find fake or ghost followers numbers. The report will show the number of real people and influencers, the percentage of mass followers and suspicious accounts.

Demography and language insights

Find out where blogger’s audience lives and what language they speak. HypeAuditor report shows countries, cities, and states breakdown for the United States.

Engagement analytics

Engagement Rate (ER) (% of audience that are engaged with the influencer’s content) compared to ER of similar bloggers. ER ranges with the number of bloggers with the same ER.

Audience age and gender

Evaluate the percentage of target age group and gender among influencer’s audience. The report will show the percent of each age-gender group and overall split.

Comments pod check

Check if bloggers comments come from an engaged and loyal audience and were not artificially incentivised.

What do you guys think? Is this a good find?


Interesting. Can you export the data? Edit: bad question as you just see the numbers i guess

I actually think its a pretty decent tool. But it can get abit expensive if you’ve got alot of accts.

Thanks for sharing this Tool
I will try it out later!

Are you saying Instagram supports this product? "A friend of mine working with IG sent me this today:’

Or was just mentioning your friend knows his shit because he has an Instagram connection?

Def a good find though mate!

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Poor wording by me. My friend doesn’t work for Instagram but his work involves using IG hehe.

I think they have some premium services where you can export the data as a special report with your own logo etc

Yes I understand but you just get the number and not the account names. Would be interesting how their groups are defined (Real People, Influencers, Mass followers, Suspicious). But most likely just follower/following filters. You can do that on your own with Jarvee/Excel. But safes time of course.

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When you do it on your own you get the account names.

Yeah for sure, they give some info but not too much:

Influencers Accounts with >5,000 followers
Mass followers Accounts who have more than 1500 followings.

What they say: “Using the most advanced AI-based fraud-detection system” but this might just be some clever filtering for all I know.

But yeah you can get more info on certain things if you take the time to do it in Jarvee. Thought I do like the data on follower interest and language etc.

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How many time do they let you run the data before making you pay? Have you tried multiple time?

I haven’t figured out exactly how it works yet. I’ve check out 4 accounts that now appear under “Reports”, but it’s only asking me for credits on one of them: “You need a credit to unlock the report”. I can see all the data on the other ones.

At first I thought they wanted money for premium analysis and reports or something of the like, but now I’m not entirely sure anymore, since they won’t let me see the full data on one of the accounts.

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Seems a little bit expensive for me.

I use other tools for now like evoig.com but i’m looking for alternatives where i can see the real and fake followers.