IG app is all screwed up

So I’m unable to login to any of my accounts on one of my phones thru the app, as I keep getting “unknown error” … but yet it’s allowing me to create multiple accounts in the app with no problem…?

I haven’t been able to login to an account on that phone in 3 days, despite uninstalling, upgrading app… clearing data/cache. But creating accounts is working without a problem, and I haven’t been limited at 5. How many will I be able to make? Idk… I’m not attempting to make them back to back.

I’ve also many issues today with logins new accounts…

Really annoying when it’s clients or scrapers accounts but let’s hope IG will fix that pretty soon or we will find a workaround

I would suggest rooting your phone and changing the Device ID

Thanks for the tip, but it’s not that serious… I have more than one phone… I was just pointing out how they’ve added so much fluff and layered security, that it also effects regular users.

I have a lot of error with this message, “Something error with your request”. Fixing this by cloning the App and try to login on the Cloned app.

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Yes, this is the easiest way to get around the problem.

I understand some of it is security measures, but how good is your security when you’re not allowing me to login to accounts, but still create them. I can’t even login to the ones I create on that phone after I make them… I have to run them on a different phone if I log off.