IG automation - avoid phone verification

Hello everyone. I have read a lot of threads before sign up here. I like to discuss with you my experiments with IG automation and get some opinions.

I am using a custom selenium bot since 2018 and i had no problems. I was running lots of IG profiles and always take care with IG limits. I am using 4G proxy ips (less than 9 accounts/proxy) and follow less than 200 users per day to each one.

Since IG started having bugs and asking for phone verification i made some changes in order to avoid the verification.

  1. I masked better the selenium.
  2. I am using non-headless chrome.
  3. I use only one IG account/proxy.
  4. I keep the account logged in the chrome profile and i don’t make login activities every day.
  5. I follow less than 200 users/day.
  6. I am always using huge and random delays.
  7. Chrome, chromedriver and selenium are all be updated with the latest version. I tested Firefox as well.

But IG keep asking for phone verification after a few days. Example:
Day 1: 168 follows
Day 2: 172 follows
Day 3: 115 follows and then it asked for verification

No one else accessed on the account during the test.

The account wasn’t be flagged and have good follower/followings relationship (1505 followers, 843 followings).

I don’t think that it’s a proxy problem because it happens only then i am making actions. But it happens only after a few days of action.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Does instagram have limits on hours? For example if someone make actions for 17 hours in a row in order to make 170 follows that may rise a flag on IG.

I know people that follows users by hand and asked for verification after 30 actions. I don’t know how IG asks for verification these days. Any help will be welcomed. Even jarvee settings might help. :pray:

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I have heard that some forms of coding can be seen by Instagram, selenium is one of them There is a different version that is harder to detect.

The other thing to consider is whether or not your are doing things like a human would, random mouse movements, going to different pages and not just following.

Tons of things you did not think of (as an automation bot creator I used selenium in the past):
check Nevigation
is the windows have focus ?
selenium fingerprints ?

Your using a browser would be the main issue, I would go for uiautomator and a emulator.

Use undetected selenium: undetected-chromedriver · PyPI
Or switch to undetected Puppeteer (even better).

How many follow actions and unfollow actions do you do?

Day 1: 168 follows
Day 2: 172 follows
Day 3: 115 follows and then it asked for verification

I see so no unfollow? I think your follow actions are too high since last update.

I also have tried on another profile
Day 1: 85 follow
Day 2: 102 follow
Day 3: 32 follow and then asked for verification

I would recommend keeping them under 80 for at least 14 days and when you get some type of verification always stop all tools for a few days then start even slower