IG Automation Settings Guides for Beginners (REPOSTED)

Hi! Yes, you! Are you a beginner in social media automation? This guide is for you. Check this out :slight_smile:

For the past few weeks, I have encountered questions from our existing clients and even potential ones on how they can automate their IG accounts effectively.

Others are interested in growing their accounts by automating their content posting. Other ones are into Mother/Child Method (promoting client’s account thru redirecting followers from made-up accounts for the purpose of marketing) while some would want to automate liking, commenting, and following.

If you are new to this game, check out Jarvee and use this guide below to get started so you will learn how to grow your accounts safely and effectively.

Since it would be too long to copy and paste all the document’s content here, please allow me to paste the document links instead.

For EB version:

For API version:


Nice share, thanks man!

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Great value! I suggest that every person not copy this exact setup on the follow, unfollow etc tool. Because this is how you get mass waves. Copying similar settings as others.

I’m guessing @Tal_Klinger is giving an example and not an exact copy of what you should do. So, try and add a spin to what he says. make it unique and this will help you avoid the mass waves.

Just my cents! A lot of great value in these guides.


Thanks for sharing. Those settings are ground base but my suggestion is that we should test a lot with all of our accounts and tools because there are no magic settings that will work exactly the same for each account.

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Good post

I see for the API settings you put a guide for no emulation and also a guide for full emulation. Which one do you recommend using and have you noticed any differences between the two?

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Yes. As I always say @Jaha and @heroeslair Jarvee is no one-size-fits-all. :blush: One has to go through several tests to find the right “recipe” for them. :slight_smile:

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As per own experience, you may try the “without emulation” as a start. Not that much of a difference for me but you can save your scrapers lives as the “without emulation” requires lesser API calls to perform.

No emulation only for scrapers or slaves/mains too?

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Can someone explain emulation? What does it technically do?

It imitates human behavior. If you want to know exactly what it does in a certain scenario, you should check with their support.

API Full Emulation is where it imitates the flow of api calls as if the actions were done by a human on the IG app.

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