IG Block when i make about 400 un follow

How to remove this block action? Thank you!

step 1: let the account rest (do not attempt any more unf)
step 2: dont do 400 UF a day

thank you. IG is trying to limit my actions :))

400 is quite a lot in this day and age :wink:

actually i find it very slow. haha ​​:))

You will have to do some tests and see what are your accounts limits. After you let it rest, try starting with 100 actions daily and increase by 30 each day and then see when the next block hits. Let it rest again and then continue with daily actions under that limit that you found

it’s a rate limit error when you open too many profiles too fast.

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but this like the most stupied error
Just get 4g and a scrapper they cant block that (any public http req is valid in 4g)

I think the trick would be to do 399 unfollows a day

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Just wait 60 seconds…

Already saw someone unfollowing more than 1k in 1 day so … I think you doing something wrong