IG blocked me from searching profiles


I perform manual F/UF from my phone. I scrape users and then search for them via IG so that I can follow them.

I don’t follow all of my scraped profiles so I end up searching for about 3x more accounts than I actually follow.

I have recently been blocked from searching profiles (not following). Has anyone else experienced this? It seems weird IG blocks me from searching but not following.

Note: I only follow about 50 profiles per day.


Too much lookups of profiles. Try to scrape via some other tool and then copy-paste usernames and follow.

Usually you can lookup around 300 profiles, depends on account health also.

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yeah I guess that there is something called too much search operation now on IG and they will block you for that, i never experienced that but i heard some users complain about it, try what the user above suggested and see how it goes, also, since you are following 50 users a day why don’t you automate the process and see?