🔵 IG BLUE CHECK VERIFICATION [100% Guaranteed / Full Moneyback]


I’d like to offer this service! Get your IG account verified with the desired blue check! Prices vary depending on each case, please keep in mind you will need a very strong budget for this, specially if you need all the media coverage included.


Who is eligible for this service?

Anyone with an artist/musician/actor/business oriented profile, as well as businesses with a trademark may be eligible for this service. Send me a PM so I can evaluate if you’re eligible or not.

Please note: if the profile is just someone taking selfies in the beach, it will not work. It has to be a case that could somewhat be justified as “deserving” the blue check.

What happens if you fail?

If for some strange reason I fail, you will get a full moneyback, period. If I’ve written press for you in the process, you get to keep it, no cost.

What are your payment methods and what other guarantees do you offer?

For these large sums I will prefer Transferwise or Bank Wire. I can definitely offer Escrow as well (buyer pays for fees).

Can you verify a business?

Yes, if you own a trademark it is 100% possible. It has to be a convincingly structured/presented business.

Keep in mind that verifying a business from scratch is considerably more work and requires a much more solid background than a personal profile, so it will be more expensive than verifying a personal profile.

How long does the process take?

It will depend on the work required. If you do not need any media coverage, it can be one within a week. However, if you do require it, the process is around 5-8 weeks.

Do you need to access my account?

No, I do not. I will however need your government ID for the final stage of the process.

How much does it cost??

It will depend on your online relevance / presence. If it’s small, it will actually be the most expensive part of the process. Please expect 5-figure tickets for a full process from scratch.

Anyone seriously interested please send me a PM and I’ll be happy to respond. Remember that it will require a strong budget and a serious profile behind.

Thanks again!


Thread approved. @Parliament is here for a couple of years, he contributed to the forum a lot and he’s a trusted member. I’m sure he’ll provide a good service.

Good luck with the sales.

Good luck with the sales! This is one of the often asked services here on the forum, I’m sure there will be interested user, it’s great that finally someone is offering this :slight_smile:


Thank you! Hoping someone here or their clients can benefit from this. Resellers welcome.


Any proof of successful past verifications

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I can’t disclose prior clients for the same reasons a doctor will not disclose his, but I offer a full guarantee and the possibility to do Escrow if the client wants. This thread has also been validated by Mpsocial moderators and I’ve been around for a while, for whatever that’s worth. If you want the actual verifieds to chat with you or something of the sort, that’s entirely out of the question.

Open to taking orders!

Who wants to get verified?

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i am interested, also curious how it’s actually possible to do this (create a brand is the answer ? )

Currently taking orders!

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Hey is this still available? PM

Hello! Yes, Pm me with what you need.

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How do I message

I’ve messaged you :slight_smile:

pm sent. : ) 10 char

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Do you also do submissions only?

I have 2-3 cases per day where the clients have the required amount of PR. All legit PR. None of the blacklisted Indian sites or Fiverr. Some already have FB done and simply need the IG.

Wondering if you have a media portal of your own where you can send in a few requests on a daily basis.

If so, lets discuss further.

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Replied PM. Thanks


I’m interested

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Can you assign me the details as pM, after the first verification 17 customers are ready and all customers are political and famous in Turkey, press reports have been issued.

PMd you, thank you