[IG Booting Doubt] Why do follow / unfollow at different times?

I am booting for 5 years in a row and when I first started I followed all the “safe” guidelines, including do follow at different time that unfollow.

I think I did it for less than a year and since them I started do both actions simultaneously. Why? I really think that the theory (“it is more human like”) behind it was flawed, because I personally use to follow someone and if I want to unfollow someone else I will do it simultaneously right after that follow. I would not follow a bunch of people, and right after that unfollow another bunch.

So, what is your experience on that and what strategy do you use and why?

Thank you for all the knowledge shared in this great forum. And just for the record, I am really afraid of interacting with big dudes in this niche :joy:

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Please use the search function before posting a new topic - Why is it not recommended to run follow / unflollow at the same time?