IG Cloakers or Prelanders?


Hi all,

Thinking of getting into affiliate marketing and would like to use the same link for several accounts. Would you recommend cloakers or prelanders? Has anyone had experience with these?



putting 1 link in several accounts i think it will get you mass banned.

Personally i would choose Prelanders


I’ve used the same link on multiple accts for CPA (dm’ing) but never in the bio. Used valars prelanders for that worked fine.


use always bit.ly :slight_smile:


Did they work well?

On top of the prelanders, or just bit.ly?


worked fine for me mate, i did prelander + bit.ly worked fine.


Or if you have a google account with a shortener you should use It. It’s the best shortener out there.

The bad part about It is that Google discontinue this service… But you had signed up before this, you Will be able to keep using It.


I think I signed up before it got discontinued. Thanks for the tip!


how to check ? i tried the normal link but its down.