IG [COMMENT] being ghosted/not posting?

Hi Fam, I’ve been seeing issues with the posting of the COMMENT after the post is made, anyone seeing this issue?

are you posting from desktop or your mobile ?

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My advices :slight_smile:

  • Only post once a day, at maximum

  • Use a complex spintax

  • If it doesn’t work right now, wait 4 to 7 days (depending on the block of each acc)


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Posting from software

I’m posting 2 sometimes 3 a day for my client, I haven’t seen issues in the past though…using complex signature spintax…could the comment spintax not be enough?

More probably the frequency of your posts.

Many of us can post multiple times a day, however when you have some troubles, i suggest you to lower the frequency to ONCE a day.

In any cases, wait 5 days and try posting once a day. Guess your captions will come back again :wink:

And you’re welcome !


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Thank you for your help! And I’m not having any issues with the captions posting nor the beginning of my signatures, it’s the ending [COMMENT]


I’m having issue with