IG CPA - Twitter and FB As A LandingPage

Hello friends,
Probably a known technique but couldn’t find anything similar.I’ll jump straight to it.

I have been having success with using a twitter account to share my CPA offer link. This method allows me to skip using a domain, or protect your own LP domains from getting banned(saving money time since IG bans domains).

This can also work with a Facebook.

This is how it works:
IG bio link -> Twitter or FB( Here your link points to CPA offer or LP) -> CPA or LP

Simple as that. This technique is useful for Churn and Burn tactics and is definitely geared towards black hat marketing.

Cheers :sunglasses:


Yes, this will work. I used it, just in a little bit different way - with the hashtags on FB so I get different URL for each IG profile. You can just grab the hasthtag link (explained in the method), shorten it with goo.gl so it looks nicer :slight_smile: and add it to your IG account.

Good stuff.

Thank you Very informative tutorial :+1:I will definitely apply that method for FB.

The way I see it it’s an extra step for the user going to the offer but then again if they really want to fill out your offer then they don’t mind going through one more page. I don’t think it affects conversions that much. Well At least I haven’t noticed any difference.

That’s the logic I always applied. Those who’ll give up because of one extra click certainly won’t go through all hassle to complete the offer.