IG - Delete inactive account

How are you guys! I want an account name that is already taken, but has 0 post 0 followers 0 following, no profile picture. Any way I can get delete that account?

Nope, but you could reach out to them and ask if they will pass it on to you. DM probably won’t work. Any clues as to who they are so you can find an email?
I got an awesome collaborator because I reached out to an inactive account.

I think there are people selling this service at level 2. I got my username for a price but I’m trying to get there because they also have verifications services!!

What do you mean by level 2?? What is that

User level 1 (Also know as “Basic”)

If you like what you found on the forum, and stick around for a little while, you’ll get upgraded to this level pretty quick, here are the prerequisites:

** enter at least 5 topics**
** read at least 30 posts**
** spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts**

Here’s what you can do if you reach this level:

** use all core functions of MPSocial like:**
** upload images and attachments**
** send private messages**
** flag spam posts**
** have all new user restrictions removed**

User level 2 (Also know as “Member”)

If you really like our community and you are serious about it, you will both learn and share with the others what you have learned you can reach the Member status. Here are the prerequisites for this level:

** visit at least 25 days, not sequentially**
** cast at least 100 likes**
** receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)**
** reply to at least 150 different topics**
** enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)**
** read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)**
** spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts**

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Oh! Thank you man! But why they offer for a level 2 and not a level 1?

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because lvl 1 is open to public and sadly to a lot of leeches too

this forums members help each other and if you want exclusive content/advice you need to deserve your spot by contributing to the forum