IG discount all devices

hii friends
im get back using JA after about 2 months of stoping
now with my new setting everything running fine and i don’t get the hard block anymore
for now its passed one week
but today IG discount all the devices that using this account
2 phones and the JA
it say that someone changes the password or something like that im not fully remember

now after i login back in all the devices are working
but im abit afraid because it never happened to me before
and i hared alots of accounts get disabled lately

it happened to someone?
its ok to continue automation this account
ot it prefer to stop it to some time now ?

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it happened to me again today
this is the massage i get on the phones devices

Using JA as well, no issue at all at the moment. Will keep you posted.

Very strange case… Could it be that in your settings you’ve checked log out when action blocked ? But then why are you logged out from all devices ?

yes i did checked to automatically log out old session
but i think it be log out only the JA app :thinking:

this option is good for me to get rid of all the temporary blocks

i turned it off to see if its not happen agine