IG DMs: Automation vs manual

Hey there, been out of the game for a while, focusing on other projects.

Was wondering what’s the current situation with IG? I have a few clients that I do B2B appointments for, was thinking of including IG Dms as well.

What’s the current state? Let’s say I have 3 child accounts for a client and a valuable prospect list ready.

Would there be a noticeable deliverability difference (hidden folders,etc) with manual DMs vs automated DMs? (30 dms/day per account)

Thinking of whether using/outsourcing any of the automation options or just hiring VAs to do the outreach manually.

Any help/input would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Main difference will be if they get banned or not. Manual will have less likely of account issues.

Manually can be better if its customized to the client which is almost impossible when you outsource to VAs as the language barrier usually doesn’t work well.

If you have a copy and paste script then automation will be the same as manual as long as the bot you use and proxies are good.

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Going into hidden will also depend on how old your slave accounts are and how they were created in the first place. If you have solid slaves and good residential proxies, it should not be much of a difference between manual and automated operations.

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The delivery is the same everywhere since it depends on your DM open rate. However manually you can do lots more DM’s safely.

If the profile looks professional and the account is aged it usually won’t go to hidden unless you are spamming.

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Also followers, if your account followers > followers of account you DM, DMs have a much smaller chance of getting filtered


Anything above 1000 followers, I do not think that the DMs are filtered from those accounts unless they have spam words

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For 90 DM’s a day I think doing automation is useless, and will be quite expensive compared to manual labor - VA’s.

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100% Agree. Limits on manual are just too OP

Manual is good good but not scalable. We have 10k accounts now. So, even if accounts we doing 80 per day. We would still need a crapload of phones and assistance which means money, time and annoying errors.

Way too limited. Can be good for some F/U clients, but in order to run a big network, indeed that’s not the right strategy. Nothing that can be compared with a software.

Too much resources - Too low ROI

what is the recommendation for sending a large amount of IG DM? can anyone help with this?