Ig dogs engagement pod


I have a new telegram pod just for dog profile.
Like save comment and hashtag


i think you have to explain a bit more:) What do you want with this topic?



I opened a New telegram group just for dogs engagement. It you have a ig dog profile and want to increase your engagement you can join it. Each members can share 2 ig posts per day


What is the handle?


Add me if it’s a dog EG I have 24k on my dog account looking for a very tight knit group to do genuine comments and likes with. Telegram @mich53


Do you know of any other 20k+ EG for dogs? Looking for a like and comment one that does genuine comments


I have a few dog accounts, but looking to grow other accounts in other niches. Would be down if could trade for powerlikes :wink:


I created a dog engagement pod on telegram called helloBARK! for other IG users with pets looking to build a community of users to provide genuine likes and comments.

Here’s the link: https://t.me/joinchat/Kv82FxNZylmTCqHCOV4eAw