IG download app safe?

yall know this IG downloader apps, there are many of em out there, but let’s b real
how safe is using them?
I also edit the downloaded post Trough edit apps so the meta data change , but still I feel it’s all fishy, looking for IG magicians wisdom, Ty for your insights and experience sharing

What kind of app is that? Are you referring to some app that can download stuff from IG or something else?

You could give some of the GitHub projects a try.

They are “easy” to handle normally even for non-programmers.

(I haven’t tried this one, but it has been updated recently)

Same here, not sure what IG apps are you having in mind?

instagram downloader , there many of this if you search up on app store, you copy link and it downloading your post/video/story, then I use edit photo app just to change the meta data