IG email scraper from IG Android/iOS app

Hi everybody,

I just finished up building this tool that can scrap emails and contact details from the IG email button in the instagram app for both iOS and Android.


If you are interested please message me.

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Hmm, looks like you put a lot of effort automating the emulator, but unfortunately, everyone is using scrapers that run on API calls, that can run much faster.
Maybe you should look towards account automation instead :+1:

There is no IG API that would get email that is shown on the APP.

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man, I also have this email address button available on the app, so when I click on it, it redirects me to the email app wherein I get the email add of that user…

and I think that’s a business account since you can also get the email address via the browser by clicking on view page source and looking for business_email… can you try it on a regular IG account?

Is that a free tool? It looks like a safe way to scrape. Do you just need to add a list of usernames you want to scrape contact details from?

I think he’s referring to Jarvee scrape tools

yes, only IG business accounts have contact details (email/phone), regular IG accounts show “null” values for contact details if you look for them by viewing page source

yes, that’s why I am asking him to try on regular accounts instead