IG-Follow Notification via Mail?

Today i checked the mails for one of my accounts. And what i realized is since the 10 May I get really strange follow notifications mails from instagram. The strange thing is I always get more notifications for one follower.
Mailbox looks like this:

Did not change anything on that account. I just wonder if somebody else noticed this and if it is something i have to worry about? Thankful for every advice…

Interesting, that’s the first time I see this. Are they really from Instagram?
Could it be someone trying to spam your email?

yes it seems so:


Hm, perhaps a notification setting got changed somehow. I once had the app change languages to spanish and I didn’t do anything lol.
I don’t think this is something to worry about, but perhaps there is someone else who has encountered this too.

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I too have noticed for some of my accounts in the last couple of days I’ve been getting up to five emails for the same users following on one account. Never had this happen and then also all of a sudden that same account is getting action blocks even with conservative actions. Hmm what is ig up to :face_with_monocle:

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Well, and Instagram dont want us to spam the platform :thinking:


maybe they’re checking if you’re opening the email?

Weird. I wonder if they’re able to detect the location where you open the email and the device and see if it’s correlated the activity on the account.

They can detact the ip address and user agent.
But it doesn’t sound like a good classification of inauthentic activity, seems normal it ne to login to Instagram from a smartphone on a mobile network while opening emails on a PC.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think they can just detect your IP adress when you’re visiting Instagram after clicking through the Email. I dont think they can see your IP when you open the Email. Maybe they want to sort out the stupid botters. But who is logging in through the Email when he has at least some basic knowledge on Instagram Automation, just like the existence of proxies? We definitely not.

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Here’s an idea for email tracking including IP logging:
Setup a server to serve the Instagram logo for an http get request with a unique identifier, let the identifier be the user’s Instagram profile ID or just a unique key for the email sent.
Embed the Instagram logo in your sent mail using the link with the unique key from before.

Lay back and log the requests made to your server :wink:

Sorry for getting a bit technical
TL;DR: They definitely can detect your IP once you open the email. (assuming you are allowing loading of images or other html assets)

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But do you think they’d be using this data to correlate accounts with spammers? I can see if one IP is in the US and the other in thailand and the thai IP is the one conducting the actions where the IP in the US is only reading the emails at around the same time…idk seems far fetched to me but then again it is instagram we’re talking about.

try tracking the email to see the source

That sucks I am sry for you. My Account is not banned (yet). I turned off email notifications and stopped thinking about it.