IG Follow/Unfollow Settings

Hello I hope you are doing well. I have been out of instagram marketing for about a year and a half or so when IG severely limited the follow/unfollow etc

Just wanted to ask on a aged client account what kind of settings are you able to use without bans now ?

Also what are daily limits for things such as follow/unfollow, story view etc and are you doing follow and unfollow with other settings or rotating them

Let me know if you have any tips thank you!

I am doing 50 Follows / 50 Unfollows / 100 Likes / Around 5K Story Views and Polls etc. without any Problems on several accounts right now.
I know people who do the same but with 100 Follows / Unfollows

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My setting 120 Follows / 80 Unfollows / 20/30 Likes

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Thanks for the replies I appreciate it

are you using eb or api? would you mind sharing your profile page settings if possible?

also story voter is working well now? no scraping blocks?

also do you filter the 50 follows and likes profile or just do unfiltered targeting?

120 follows with filtrations? or without?
also you use eb or api? i have not used ig for a long time now only doing fb on all my slots and 3 ig’s

with filtrations and eb

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We use all the same settings - Max 200 Follow, 200 Unfollow, 60 DM’s. That said, Unfollow gets blocked a lot with Jarvee.

200 Follows and Unfollows seem to be a lot these days, we normally recommend 100 Follows/Unfollows for starters (or if they can start with 50, that would be better since they can gradually increase it).

As for the Unfollows getting blocked, do you run the Follow and Unfollow tools at the same time? If yes, that could also contribute to why it gets blocked. You can use the ‘Enable automatic Follow/Unfollow’ option on both the Follow/Unfollow tools and that will start or stop the tool after a certain number of followings is reached. In reality you cannot do Follows and Unfollows at the same time, right?

all this actions every day ??
and 60 dms per day to non followers or new followers ?

Oh right i dont use any of that, i just do Follow and Unfollow at same time. I dont like stopping the Follow tool ever as we need clients to get the best results

Yes there are blocks but we start with more child accounts to allow for this, so rest some accounts while others run to replace

Yeah everyday. Well, we usually rest once per week so 6 days a week

Yeah max 60 DM’s a day to new followers, can do like 10-15 to non followers too

DM tool is pretty flawless. Unfollow the worst but we dont really care about that too much until the client has been on for 6 months and the child account can get to 7,500 followings by that point because of Unfollow blocks across the 6 months

Все работает нормально с ограничениями от 220 до 250 подписок и отписок в день.

вот мои достижения

Hi Rob, please how do you do the unfollowing. Is it automated?