IG followers mutual following?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a way to find out what mutual pages all of your ig followers all follow.

I think this would help with target marketing. If I was able to see patterns in this kind of data it would make sense to target followers of those pages.

Is there any tools that you guys know of to easily do this? Has anyone done this already? What were your results?

Thanks in advance!

So basically if you have X Followers,You need to individually Scrape them and find for the Common Accounts as per your Question.

Never heard of a Tool to do it but this is pretty straightforward.
1.Just Scrape your Followers and their Followers.
2.Save them in a List and look out for which Accounts are Repeating by Sorting out or using some Tools online.

Yeah, I think manually is the only way. I haven’t heard about the tool that could be doing these actions automatically.