IG Followers Not Chronological Any More

One of IG’s most recent changes is to not display followers in chronological order. Anyone have thoughts on how this will affect people following us back? It seems like it will be much harder for people to see new followers.

Lots of things have changed. Everything from how it is displayed to how your content appears. I don’t think anyone can say for certain at this point how it will affect any of us.

Plus, do you really care about new followers? :wink: in my own feed, it is super creepy that it shows friends and family first…


Yeah, but it’s not on all accounts, some can still see latest followers.

They did it once already, couple of months ago and quickly reverted the change. Let’s hope they’ll do it again.

Speaking of changes, I now see stories as I scroll through my feed with the heading “These stories disappear in 24hrs. Don’t miss them blah blah”

Yeah I see that as well

its idiotic their sacrificing normal users to stop bots ?!?!?!:frowning:

My tests say, with an Android smartphone they are not chronological … with an iPhone yet.

I feel like they’re pushing IG stories so hard to put Snapchat to shame even more. Instagram daily story users have already surpassed Snapchat’s.

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It has nothing to do with punishing real users. I doubt there is a single user that browses 100 pages of recent likes and followers. Let’s be realistic here.

This is an old change already. The reason why this is an issue for some people that miss-use the app api , is the fact that instagram does not offer “paging” when you scroll through likes or followers, the just give you a long hash code which you need to submit , for receiving more.