IG Following problem

I have an acc with 10k+ followers and 1,326 following, and I can’t follow anymore, I get sorry you are following to much and I need to unfollow message. Where seems to be the problem ?

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Strange as you are not hitting the limit. Can you open the embedded browser and see if you can follow manually? Make sure to refresh the page of the account you are following to make sure that it has been followed.

After that, try testing the follow using your mobile. See how it goes.

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I was thinking maybe because I followed private users too, and i have following pending requests to private users.

Yes., that can be true. Try to start the unfollow tool. Also, may I know why you didn’t activate the feature “do not follow private users”?

Will the unfollow tool unfollows following requests ?

Yes. The unfollow tool will unfollow your follow requests.


I was reading @BrandonBerner suggestion that it might be a good idea to allow following of private users for two reasons

  1. those are more likely to be real users, not bots
  2. less people follow private users, so you would get noticed nore often, and that private account will more likely follow you back

What do u think ?


Couldent agree more :smiley:

In my tests, and from testing other “growth” services out there that followed private accounts, even though I requested not too…when you unfollow those private accounts, they tend to take much much harsher than public. So if you are doing a niche specific CPA or something, you should be fine, but if you are following to unfollow…be careful.


Great addition. Thanks @wortime

Yeah, I have been getting angry DMs in the last month or so. Scared to read them after a certain point :grinning:
I agree with the others that these are most definitely real users, but following them can backfire after being reported. Any thoughts?

I just choose not to read the DM’s. If I dont read them, everyone seems happy :smiley:

Nice approach :grinning:
No need to be concerned about being reported, you’d say?

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Haha thank you :smiley:

I dont think I have been reported to the point my account gets banned. So I dont see the point in worrying to much.

This may change in the future if I notice accounts are getting banned more often from being reported.


hi guys…if i have 500 accounts on MP how many source would be enough for them?

about how many source to add across all?