Ig growth - Agencies?

Which agencies do you think are the best for growth services and why?

I think your own growth services are the best.

Like doing mother/slave method and posting good content etc.

Its cheaper, you can control it, you know where followers come from etc.


the Mother Slave method can get the main account banned? I think no. But someone’s tell that it can. Seems ridicolous to me cuz anyone can create accounts and do mother slave for their competition to get them banned.

Unless the main is a CPA/Blackhat account, no. It is very rare that a main gets banned unless you are doing something on the main that is against IG TOS

@RustyBread is completly right!
mother slave is for nice growth and it keep your main account save

Stick around and learn Jarvee or some other program to start, would never have someone else do the basics for me :slight_smile:

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What is CPA/Blackhat?

I read that @ the main on the bio of the slaves and other things can get you ban the main. That’s false?

Bro, you’re at the home of said IG growth agencies :joy: .
Quite the number of peeps here grow accounts for clients, myself included.

Then there’s the CPA guys, ecom, affiliate etc. We all grow here.

Based off your questions it seems you’re very new to this, but you’ve come to the right place to learn! So get to reading, get to practicing and maybe you’ll become a growth agency yourself one day :wink:.


CPA are offers you promote and make money from. Blackhat goes hand in hand with that.

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If you have money but little time, paying someone might just be the best option.

If you don’t have money just laying around, learning to do it yourself is the most logical and by far most economical option. If you’re taking this road, depending on your level of knowledge I would either start with the Jarvee IG course or just start reading this forum to gather info and get started(if you already know IG well but need to lean automation).

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Learn here and build your own agency.

Doing it for myself and happy with the results. I’m sure someone here could do a better job but I’ve learned so much about social marketing from this forum that for me it’s worth it.

Good luck with growing your IG


There are a lot of people you can grow your acc… Some are offering it for less than 10$ a month. Growing is not difficult, but getting followers that will also engage in 2 months with you, that’s a bit more difficult.

To say it with people as DMA0245 and WORTIME (long-term members) :

you may get some PMs from people here offering you their “great” service. Be careful. Ask for proof and look at these acc.s.


Agree that in most cases learning it yourself is the best way, but if you have the money and odn’t have the time because you want to focus on other stuff than marketting, then there is enough nice services here :smiley:

I’m staarting for the first time, to use M/S method. Until now, I used F/U method. But I want to use M/S.
But I have some doubts, the first is:

  • increase slaves, I can start to F/U strategy? Because I think, the best strategy is send message in DM, and so I need to send message to my followers…
  • the slaves I will use for many mothers accounts or only one?
  • for your experience, how many slaves needs?

thanks in advance

I don’t understand your first question at all
2. typically many slaves for one mother
3. depends on what results you want and on your budget, typically min. 20-50, can go into the 100s

Make sure to use the search function bro, there are many threads covering the m/s method :wink:


I’m finding the best strategy, and I found the best pratic is send message from slaves to other accounts, and fix name account in Bio.
What do you think about it?
Only that :wink:

The most converting are actually dms, not tag in bio like one might think. And tag in bio is more risky, but it is definetly doable, just be careful :wink:

And so, for dms the slaves needs followers… and slaves gets followers eith F/U sure? (You know if slaves sends dms to not followers, the messages will be in others) Right?


Yeah, never send dms to non-followers