IG Growth Hack using TikTok

Just came up with a clever idea to grow a second IG page of mine…

I’m growing about 2k on instagram per day from the link to my IG page on TikTok.

I would like to start building a second IG page and want to grow it to 10k. I think this would be easy if I just switch my IG account that’s linked to my TikTok to my new IG page.

My concern is that TikTok won’t like that and might flag my account. Does anyone know if there is an issue with changing the IG account linked to your TikTok without repercussions? I know platforms hate when you try and game the system in any way…

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Why change what is working?

Just make a new TikTok link to new IG and gain from all 4 accounts.

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Misleading Title. May be you wanna change it. It feels like bragging post to get PMs? :thinking:

Just gonna wait for someone to answer the question…


Literally gave you a great answer lol. Changing your IG obviously would leave a fingerprint since you sign in through the app when linking but how would anyone know forsure if it results in repercussions…

I’ve done this quite a few times (I sold “real estate space” with me linking someone else’s IG profile to my tiktok to drive traffic), and seen mixed results.

Without boring you with the details the following yielded the best results.

  1. Post a new video.
  2. Change the IG link.
  3. Go live on tiktok get some donations (trust score)
  4. Engage on the platform for about 10mins after your live.

Essentially just show that you’re doing normal activity and hyper active on all areas of the platform to send positive signals.

Moreso a lot do people change their links daily. Just try to limit it as much as possible.


Excellent tips thanks man. I think I will hold off on it for a bit just to be safe. My account is soaring right now and I don’t want to screw that up. Thanks for the insights!