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Good morning, I have a proposal in mind & I’m wondering if there’s a growth provider that would be willing to go into a contract with influencers. I’m in the beauty, modeling, & entertainment niche. i want to quickly push the account over 200-300k, at 30k atm. Im looking looking for a IG growth provider to do this, I can pay a good portion for this growth up front, my proposal is for the remainder of 2023 i will give a percentage of all revenue from the account (sponsored post, the creator fund, etc) to the service that provided the organic growth, we can create a contract where a minimum is guaranteed as well. Might sound crazy but F it I’m gonna go for it. I’ve seen a few influencers do this with agencies, wanted to see if I can do it, If it goes well we’ll do it for tik tok too.

We have spoke many times. As I said we can help you, but we will need timeto warmup.

We wouldn’t take a revenue payment unless you were already sponsored and earning from it. You need to have an agent and connections to set this up.

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