IG growth question. Worth it?

How are you? I would like to make an inquiry to those who have experience with Jarvee or follow/unfollow.

I am a photographer/content creator, my account of more than 5 year currently has 45k followers. Never use any method, simply publications and #, occasional ads. The quality of the content is clearly good, that’s why I think it has the potential to make it grow much more if I would use one of these methods that I read a lot here.

Taking into the age of the account, how many actions would you recommend me per day that does not put me at risk?

And doing those actions, targeting at people from my niche, knowing the quality of my content and the position of already having 45k, how many followers do you think I could do per day/month?

I ask these questions to know if it really is worth it.

Thank you very much for your time

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If I were you, I wouldn’t bot with your account. Instead create or buy a couple of accounts, bot with them, and tag your main account. This is the mother/slave method, you should definitely try it, you can grow much faster doing this, and it’s less riskier. Good luck!


How do I tag my main account with other account? And how much do you think I can growth? Thanks Jack!

Read this topic for more information: Mother/Slave Method Explained
Growth numbers are usually around 5-10 followers per day per account.


The mother/slave method is what I use for my accounts that have 100k+ and it works prettt good if you know how to set it up and manage.

If you want to see significant success you need 15 accounts “minimum” i use 25 accounts. You’ll need the bottling software, proxies, good sources and hashtags. You’ll then set everything up and repost the content that you currently have on your account “if it’s good” or create accounts that shows case viral photography and with the software you can enable to tag you page. You would also add your main account “mother” handle on the bio section and the caption on each post.


To answer this question and emphasize what @JackGagger and @djintrolde said, I will give you an example what you can expect with the mother/slave method.

Let’s say you start learning the method and estimate at the lower end. When the setup is good and advanced it can be definitely more.

You set up 1 slave account (fan account) following 500 people per day. To make it easy at the beginning, later you can also use comments, DMs, etc.
Your follow back ratio is 10% for example. So 50 are following your slave account. On your slave account your main page is linked in photos or/and in the bio. Let’s say from this 10% (50 people) again 10% following the mother (main page). That are 5 additional people following your page without making actions on your main page and risking something.
5 people x 30 days = 150 people following you per month. When you found your target people and know how to optimize sources to increase the follow back ratio on the 1 account, you can scale very well from there.


1 Slave: 150 follower per month
10 Slaves: 1.500 follower per month
100 Slaves: 15.000 follower per month

How many follower you will get and how high the follow back ratio will be depends on the content of your main page as well as the niche and few other factors.

But what definetly can be said is that the results you got with your first 1 slave account can be easily duplicated with more accounts. Then its just a question of how much you want to invest and what the invest/outcome is for you at the end of the day.

Happy scaling! :slight_smile:


@roy what do you do for posting content to the slaves? Is there a particular way you like to manage that aspect with unique content for each slave or? Thanks for the great example here!