IG Hashtag Questions

Let’s say you had an account with 8k followers and getting 200-600 likes per post. And 20-50 comments each. Without engagement groups.

  1. What good metrics should you expect from hashtags? In terms of reach & impressions? How can I determine whats a good range?

  2. Does it matter that you used a hashtag over and over to rank in it? or can you rank in any tag even if its your first time? (any hidden advantages to contribute to some over and over?)

  3. What do you think about hashtags that relate to the caption, but not so much on the image. Still relevant to use for branding?

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Here are some of the things I do (manually) for one account of 50k of organic growth, and one of 400k also organic:

  • If you use a Mac, open notes, if you use Windows, then whatever note taking app you use both on your computer and on the phone.
  • Create a bunch of hashtag sets. Maximum per post is 30 last time I checked, but just stay under it. Some people say it’s good to do 5-10 hashtags, others say the more you do the better, so I guess info can vary depending on where you hear it. I stay around 15 and it converts pretty well for me.
  • don’t # write # your # captions # like # this. #itdoesn’twork. Make your post with your caption without hashtags then add some spaces below, and just copy one of your hashtag sets.

  • Some people do paragraphs with (–), I do it with (⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀). This exact amount of spaces will give you an exact paragraph. Try it out and tell me later if it worked.
  • Every post I make I vary the hashtag set, never do the same twice. However, a lot of the hashtag sets I’ve created contain the same hashtags, but not necessarily.
  • Test and see if this works for you. If it does, keep doing it, if not try something else.

Did I answer your question?

Thanks but your answers did NOT relate to the questions I posed in the initial topic.

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Regarding your questions:

  • Always relate the caption AND the hashtags to the image/video. Even if it’s a competition or something similar, you need to tie the text in with the content every time.
  • In terms of good metrics, I’d say anything over 1000 impressions from hashtags per post on an account your size is good. If your posts are not featuring in any hashtags prominently, you’ll be seeing hashtag reach of under 100 per post.
  • In terms of ranking multiple times in a tag, it is possible. If your posts all do very well in a certain tag, you’re going to be more likely to trend in it, however there are probably hidden limits on the number of times you can for a single tag. Ultimately just make sure that your tags are tailored very specifically to each post and you’ll be golden.
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My own experience with my 6k account (400-800 likes, 100-150 comments, no engagement groups):

  1. I’ve found that my posts that perform better get at least the same if not more impressions from hashtags compared to home, and usually converts to more follows or actions taken on my profile.

  2. I’ve seen accounts that have multiple posts in a hashtag’s top 9 use the same hashtags over and over, and they seem to do ok. I’ve also noticed that certain combinations of hashtags just perform better than others, so what I do is vary the content of my posts so I can rotate through different groups of successful hashtags. That way I’m not repeating the same ones back to back.

  3. The danger with this is that if your caption related hashtag has nothing to do with the image, and people just see your image in the hashtag feed, they could mark “don’t show for this hashtag” or worse even report your image as spam.

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i had huge success with my technique which is:
-For videos i use 20 to 25 hashtags. For pictures 15 hashtags max.

-i use combination of:
3 hashtags over 10m,
3 hashtags between 5m - 10m,
5 hashtags between 1m - 5m,
6 hashtags between 1m - 500k,
6 hashtags between 50k - 500k.

-All Hashtags must be specific, for example if you are in cats niche you should add hashtags related to cats like #cats #catsoftheday…etc. dont use foreign hashtags you just gonna make it hard on the algo to understand what is your picture content. the more targeted hashtags you use the higher the algo rank your picture/video on hashtags

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Couldn’t agree with you more on this. Very similar to my strategy, although I use 30 tags on every post.

What I’ll add is that it’s useful to create your own hashtags in addition to the above breakdown; 5 or so of them which you use every post. It’s a long game, but if they increase in popularity down the line you own those tags for life. They will grow with you.

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