IG hiding followers count & likes

I’ve read that IG is testing on removing followers counts and likes.
Does anyone has more insights on this and how this may impact businesses with client automation?

This is already happening in some parts of Europe. When I was in Spain last month it switched my IG based on location and it said “x person and others like this”, but no numbers. Original poster can see the numbers though.

It has already hide likes in Canada. I can’t see any other accounts like numbers.

I wish they would hide them in the US as soon as possible.

Where did you read they are hiding followers count?

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I recently re-posted one video (Account which content I re-posted have 150k followers and is verified as well)

After few hours I saw that they have contacted me via PM, I thought they maybe want me to remove their content or something like that.

But all they wanted is to check how their video is performing on my page, I was like WTF…can’t you see LIKES & VIEWS.

And then they explained to me that they don’t have LIKE & VIEW counts.

old news pal, been a . thing for months

Oh am just getting to know that this has been rolled out in some countries :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I reside in Australia and likes are hidden on posts here. Only on mobile apps though - if you access IG via a web browser you can still see the number of likes on posts.

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Hiding followers its fake news
Hiding likes its around or a year now !