IG is hiding my follow notice

When one of my account follow people, they will not get the notice, they will not know I followed them. So they will not follow back. This is really wired, anyone have have same problem here? I know IG are running some test, I think that is may part of it.

First time to hear about this. Does this happens only on one of your accounts? Have you tried to follow few different accounts from this account?

For now, I only find one account have this problem. Its FBR is really low, so I thought that may have some problem. I used it follow my other accounts, there are 0 notice on 50 follows. I think that is why its FBR is too low. I also tried its likes and comments, they are working normally. I could get the notice about its likes and comments on my other accounts. I will try to do likes on this account tomorrow, let’s see how is it going.

That was one of the strategies that Instagram mentioned in this paper to combat automation


Is this why my follow back rate is so low when following really quick from my Saved Collections? Out of 200, only like 10 will follow back. And my account is high quality.

It’s hard to know if the issue is a poor source or the follow notification not occurring. You could make/buy several accounts and have your main follow that from saved collections to see if the issue is the follow notification not occurring. @InstaZeus

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