IG keeps on asking for phone verification. (It has happened over 5 times on my main account)

Missed that part somehow, like an idiot. Thanks.

But I wouldn’t use a service that makes claims like that. That’s why airsocks are terrible. It’s better to buy them from a known supplier that doesn’t advertise to the public.

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Don’t worry, you can point out my mistakes next thread :smiley:

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There are also Residential Dedicated proxies https://www.buypersonalproxy.com/buy-premium-dedicated-proxy

I haven’t tested yet mobile proxies. All I’ve seen have disgusting prices. Any proposals for mobile proxies?

It says they are semi-residential. I wonder if Instagram can still detect them as datacenter proxies :thinking:

their sales page doesn’t say semi haha…something stinks.

No way I would pay $6/ea for a spoofed residential connection.


They work perfectly for me to be honest. At the moment I am trying to scale the DMs as much as I can and I am interested in testing mobile proxies. Any proposals?

And that’s the problem with most “residential”.

You can click the link in @HenryCooper 's bio for mobile proxies that are much cheaper than those proxies. @Digital7Boy also has real residential proxies.

Man, my hangover is real. I knew they were not real residential IDK man I need to get way from the PC but have too much work to do. Heck.


I’ve been getting this too with datacenter proxies. Also I just get horrible follow blocks on 99% of my accounts. They are all different ages, settings, among 3 providers. I’m back to searching for proxies again and it makes me cranky. I have fewer ban waves now, though.

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Go for mobile proxies bro, datacentre are slowly dying it seems…

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Agreed. Such a bummer. I tried valar’s mobile and got bans but I’m going to try other providers. Lots of variables though so I don’t want to say his proxies don’t work for anyone.

yup, many many factors, still data-centre are working less and less, no matter the provider…
Since 31 March most datacentre are getting followblocks, before that mostly only like blocks, but without being able to follow on it a proxy is useless…

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Valar is a well know scammer who is banned from the forum for very legit reasons.


His accounts are either bruted, or he created them by using every single IPV6 proxy IP of fake residential which he actually “hacked” from a provider that I can’t recommend either. I wouldn’t trust his mobile proxies at all.


Awesome thanks for validating what I had been thinking…about a month and a half ago he switched the provider of his mobile proxies in the middle of my subscription. The old proxy was awesome but everything that touched the new one got banned…and the proxy was always down anyway. Whew I guess I needed to vent! Money wasted :expressionless:

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I had spoken directly with the guy he “hacked” to make the IP’s, he had paid a worker for access to the proxy server and wrote his own script in, making literally hundreds of million if not in the quintillions of IPV6 IP’s which he used. I wouldn’t doubt he still does it.

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wow that’s insane and horribly cruel.

I don’t think it’s cruel, not insane either, insanely profitable sure.

But yeah, I wouldn’t trust his products or anything he says. I’m sure “he” is actually a “they” a full on collective of scammers. They are way too adept at making new products. No way 1 guy can do everything they are doing. If so, they are geniuses.

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Wow crazy, I’ve only tested his stuff once, didn’t like it so I didn’t use anything from him, but thanks for sharing this info with us @wortime

Where are you guys buying his products? BHW? I’m shocked if they allow him there.

And for the record, he basically used every single IP from the IPV6 which is bad. Not good at all.

Used him over a year ago, accounts didn’t last more than a day lol.