IG landing page to main e commerce site

Hi we have the e commerce site with fashion products, yes, we can sell them by the Instagram and the websiteurl is our domain.

To get more traffic, we need more different websiteurls for every IG account, so we created one page by the sites.google.com and created the button with text “Click to go to our new site” or "Go to buy"
Unfortunately no one click it to go to our e commerce site.

Is there good suggestion?

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record a video of what happens when they click. post as ig story. highlight that on your page

also, are you telling ppl to click the link in your bio to get your products?

also implying, youre sharing pics of your products in action… or with clients using them

also implying, you have engagement on your posts. how many comments/likes are you getting on average per pic?


Thanks, will try it.

From the statistics, every around 100 traffic to our site generate 1 order, our clothes’s price is medium.

  1. yes, we said that click the bio link to get the products.
    2.around 50 likes per post on average.

Instead of sites.google.com, try to use something like linktr.ee - might be more trustworthy for people to click.


Thanks for the information


I really like @tripleyourtribe advice.

I would also suggest, making sure each post has a CTA and asks people to go back and click your profile link.

Test different CTA text:

  • Learn More
  • See Details
  • Shop Now
  • Check it Out
  • Purchase Now
  • Buy Now

Create a sense of urgency message with your CTA’s:

  • Only X days left
  • Limited supply
  • Closing soon
  • While supplies last
  • Today only
  • Last chance
  • Offer ends on “date”
  • Hurry
  • Immediately

Thanks for it bro :ok_hand:

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If you really want to improve your CTR try some of the landings pages of valar, like the one that says that the user is “leaving instagram” after clicking or swiping your link. You can find valar morguls sales thread in blackhatworld, i dont share it directly to avoid spam.

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first of i did not fully understand what the op is doing but overall it seems complicated so as stated above use linktree or something similar i recommande sked.link cus its cleaner and with one account you can manage many IG’s and you can put on your FB pixel for retargeting later , and also make your IG biz and link it to FB page and create a catalog of product so you can use shopable posts and stories even you dont have 10k and obv mesure everything’s mesurable so you can see where you goin

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