IG limits via API/ JV

Hello guys,

I’m curious if anyone is able to perform follows (190), unfollows (190 to 380) AND posting via JV in one day as of 22.09.2019. Is it technically possible or you have to either follow OR unfollow plus manually add posts?

Currently I’m performing actions via custom made program by my friend and I’m successfully following 190 people per day OR unfollowing 380 per day via API without AC or blocks, but there is no option to post so I’m still considering transfer to JV.
On the other hand accounts that I run manually get many AC blocks and account sharing notifications, which is pretty funny and shows how lost is Instagram in this battle.

Thanks and have a great day!

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I’m following 600 - 650 people per day via API without action block (10th day), only following.(Google Translate) I don’t speak English


im set to 250 follows 250 unfollows daily. I use JV for scrape and a custom program to preform actions. I auto post with Later.

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@RoneyRAA Be ready for the action block in a few hours, and for at least 2-3 weeks :sweat_smile:

600 x 10 = 6000

I do around 120-180 F // 120-180 U // 10 - 50 L // Post everyday

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Do you story view / comment? Do you also scrape with a different account?

Had similar settings and got AC but this was like 3 weeks back

Do you perform all these actions via JV, including posting?

are these aged accounts?

Please keep us updated.
Will be interesting to see if the 6000/30 hard limit is till there😉

Same!! I’m on my 4th day today hoping itll continue!

On bad accounts you will encounter a rough 10k actions per month limit (on specific endpoints).

@A_J, @RoneyRAA Most of those issues will appear after several weeks, if those are client accounts please take it slow :slight_smile:. Obviously I hope that your “strike” will last :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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