IG Login Loop Troubleshooting

Just wondering if there is any way I can get past this login loop without the email or phone. I accidentally clicked “remove your email from this account” link. Every time I follow instructions to open a support ticket all it does is take me back to the help center


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Are you using Android or iPhone?

After I filled this out, i got a pop up message saying my support request has been submitted.

then I received an email from IG team, they ask me to send a photo of myself holding a paper that includes the code they sent.

I’m on andriod aswell

how did you get to that form, can you post a video, I have android aswell and can’t manage to find that form. thanks

could you please send the link of that form, I’ve been trying for hours with no luck at all. Thanks

Hi, I made a thread about it How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In I can find this form only on one of my accounts, It doesn’t work if i try it on my other phone as well.

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form doesnt, appear for me, it just brings the help centre back up

Hi @ossi I saw this post that you are mentioning and I have no idea how to send a PM on here, but I really need help regaining access to two old instagram accounts. One of which was hacked by an ex of mine about 5 years ago and I haven’t been able to get to the submit report page so I gave up on the issue. The other account I lost access to because I got a new phone number. Can you please help me!? It’s driving me crazy. I’m an artist and I want to have a better appearance on instagram, but I have two old accounts when you search my name and it looks confusing.