IG may have blacklisted my home WiFi IP

I employed almost 2 underaged employees to work manually on my clients accounts for almost 2 months now, we work directly from from 5 phones running about 10 accounts on each phone connected to my home WiFi without any sort of VPN or shield… we’ve been getting blocked constantly for about 3 days now that we are almost idle and most of our clients are asking for refund… am not much of a tech savvy am a typical marketing. Pls any professional advice should be appreciated. I have never used proxies before nor do I know how to use one.

What happens when you reconnect your router? Do you get a new ip?

Only 5 accounts are simultaneously possible logged in per device - do you logout/login every day all of the accounts?

What blocks exactly? Action blocked…?

I don’t get a new ip when I reconnect my router

I cloned my IG (that’s how am able to have 10 accounts per device)

I get action blocked which technically blocks all other activity actions too

have you tried 4g connection ?

My WiFi router runs 4G/ LTE… except if what you mean by 4g is different

Constantly amazed, but not surprised by people selling Services that they have no real idea about.
How do you even get away with not doing the basics?

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You could have easily ignore the post and pass on rather than proving your enthusiasm…


I feel it drags others through the dirt and gives a poor customer experience. That’s just my opinion on it though. Likewise you can just scroll past…

You have the answer to the idea needed and you can’t share… what does that leave you anyways

because when i restart the adsl or 4g router i get new ip

Sorry to say, but all of your accounts got flagged due your setup/proceeding.
To clone IG App is better than daily logouts/logins, but you have anyway the same device id.

The fact: always same ip and more accounts than allowed per device lowered your trust score which caused some flags.

The only thing you could do is, rest accounts (could be some days or week/s) and if one is working properly again, split those 10 accs to 2 new devices and lower your total actions across all devices to obtain normal trust score back.

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Ok thanks so much I’ll get some more cheaper generic phones… you advice not to adapt any proxies right?

It depends where you want to take your business. If you are all in the same location it may be better to get off the Wifi and start only using mobile data. Or better yet, have your workers work from home on their IPs.

There are ways to hook up mobile proxies to android phones which you could manage the accounts manually but if blocks are your culprit now and moving to a proxy, not an IP could worsen the blocks.

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Call your internet provider. They can give you a new IP. Had to do that to someone who was stealing my data. But, you will probably still have issues as your accounts have been flagged. Cool down, go slow, vary IP’s.