IG Mentions (tag usernames) in bulk? Any service?

I’m interesting to find service that can do “mentions” (tag @ usernames) in bulk to one post.
50-100k daily usernames to mix posts in different IG accounts.

If people here do this service please pm me, thanks


This isn’t the place to post inquiries for services. You should definitely check out the https://mpsocial.com/c/public-marketplace/

I do know someone who can do up to 1M mentions a day, but it isn’t cheap and you should have a clear monetization strategy, which is often CPA offers. You’ll also need a verified account to receive the mentions since the spam score is zero (negligible) and the non-blue badge accounts get banned too fast from reports. The cheapest way is to buy phished accounts with the blue badge to spam.

I think Jarvee did implement a feature to tag users in the bio. Are you talking about traditional mentions or bio mentions?

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