IG Method - Sources problem or what?

Hello, i have a problem.
Most people from here which use IG method i see they get about 20-30 clicks per account / day on bit.ly
My problem where i can`t find any solution is that i have about 4000-5000 following per day from all accounts and i barely get 20 clicks on bit ly per day from all accounts. On average with an account i follow 400 accounts per day.
Niches are giveaways and followers, and sources are varied mostly USA people which have about 200-300k followers. I also get 30-45 follow backs per account.
This problem is giving me headaches. Any solution?

First, check all your links, see if they work.

Then check your “call to action” - in this case, your bio? Is it interesting enough for them to click it?
Does the giveaway look real?

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The clicks are related to the niche you are targeting, if you are targeting something with high competition then you won’t get a high number of clicks.

Try to find a less competitive niche with a very passionate audience. Also try to post some engaging content in your IG accounts as well.