IG mobile app latest update

Latest update on IG app in my region now only allows watching:

  • The last 25 likers of a post
  • The last 21 people on followings list.
    Followers list still open.

Add above mentioned restrictions to the option of restricting people, which will cut them off watching following and followers list totally.

This will definately hit manual and hybrid engagement.

I haven’t tried on browser only yet. But that is perhaps irrelevant, cause the flags will get raised once you start doing major actions on browser only.

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Which region are you from?
If that would be the case then it’s coming to automation via PC as well (like it did with Verified followers list). However in our 1000+ phones we haven’t seen this yet.


I see the changes on all my accounts.

Looking into the like list of any user only shows 25 users.
Looking into followings list of any user only shows 21 of their followings and then the list continues with suggested profiles by insta.

That’s interesting. Their wish is to somehow stop scraping and data pull on mass. I wouldn’t be surprised however let’s see how this plays out because many users on IG still look at who liked certain girl pictures etc.

All 3 countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland) are affected? Did you tried to create new accounts and see if its general or randomly?

So its all accounts and not just verified?

It could come to all. Then RIP scraping

Finland is “considered” by some as scandinavia, I believe you mean (Sweden, Denmark, Norway). If so YES. all 3 locations hit, as I have proxies from all these 3 countries.
Atleast for me!

All accounts bro

noticed same thing too :frowning:

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Here is evidence.

On some accounts it’s actually as bad az 3 accounts visible in followers list.

@Boris90 seems like having witnessed the same as he claims.

Here is the deal.

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What country?

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This is going on 'n off for months on my personal account and other that I manage. They are doing A/B testing with this feature and I don’t think location matters that much.

All accounts are hidden?