IG most recent algorithm change

Anyone notices any of the below?

  1. Reach going down significantly in the past two weeks? For me my reach is down 1/3 compared to first half of Jan. E.g. today’s post got almost second person’s like who was shown the post yet IG still doesn’t show the post to more people faster.
  2. Follow block no longer comes with a pop-up. instead you’d be ‘able to follow’ but when you go to the profile you see follow count not going up. I also hit it every 10-20 follows and the block stays on for 24h instead of an hour or two like in the past. I’ve completely stopped follow activity as a result.

I have not seen a 1/3 drop in the past 2 weeks in my accounts.

A lot of people had big drops in reach around the end of December, so it’s hard to tell whether the drops in reach are systematic or random.

As far as the follow block goes, I believe I read something a month or so ago about Instagram essentially ghosting “follow” actions from accounts who appeared robotic/spammy/etc. I’d definitely adjust my settings if I were you- getting blocked after 10-20 follows is usually a sign that you need to slow down.

No drop in reach, a gigantic increase on my organic accounts? Most definitely

Organic account meaning you don’t do any automated activity on?

Yeah exactly! Grew the account with f/uf until it hit 200 likes per picture and then took it over on my phone. Just posted content that did good and eventually it went from loosing followers to gaining like crazy

Total followers chart

Followers gained chart


I see it was about 30 days after you stopped all activity. I prob should try the same. I just panic immediately when I see follower loss for longer than 12h. Do you do pod engagement btw?

No pod engagement, no hashtags etc. Just content that is similar to what did good in the past and focussing on building a tight community. This was a fashion account so I shared submission outfits a lot.

Maybe get a quick read through this thread if you are lvl 2 or higher. https://mpsocial.com/t/guide-increasing-your-engagement-by-making-community-the-new-queen/44700


Unfortunately don’t have access to that post. Could you please be so kind and quote some key points and target engagement numbers (likes/follower ratio, likes/reach ratio etc.)

Mostly just explaining why it is important to build a tight community if you want to grow organically. Just interact with your community a lot through stories and try to reach them on a personal level.

Your account should feel like a personal account where you share nice pictures of your niche, kind of like how people use tumblr to show their followers pictures they like.

My content is personal and to my community’s liking - my comment comment to like ratio is very high, but I’m greatly restricted by reach.

In December I still see reach at 30% of follower base. In the last two weeks it fell to 10-15%. The quality of my content didn’t decrease I also have been doing a lot more stories with polls and questions, so very frustrating. BTW how much weight does Live carry?)

Hey Grown, what’s your IG handle? I’d love to give you a follow

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