IG new update - control of the usage time by users (per device)

So, a new update has arrived that declares that now IG will let users know what´s the average time they pass in the app, per device (time bar per day).
This will be available in the following days for all users. This comes in their policy of avoiding the over usage of the app as social media creates addiction etc etc…

How do you guys think this will affect automation?
Now they will be able of summing the time that you have been “active” in the app, but not using a/yours device?
Probably they know this from before, but now the info is public. I am just wondering what could be the consequences.

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Did they say if this is only seen by the end user? or is it your average time visible by everyone?

Only available for the end user.

It literally says:
"You can go to your profile and tap your activity in the settings menu and:

1- See you average usage time per device.
2- Daily reminder when you reach the top limit that you wan to use per day.
3- Silent Push notifications to limit IG notifications.

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