Ig removing followings

Hi . Did anyone notice that IG is removing followings?
For example it showed that my following charts was 955 and after 3 hours it went down to 945. Any idea why it happen and how to prevent it?
(Im not doing any automation… All actions made by hand BTW)

Other users may be blocking you

No that’s not the case… It happens too often

Poor quality followers that insta is binning off?

maybe you followed some bots which insta deleted.


The percent of your followers dissappearing might give you an idea how many people do follow/ unfollow these days. Wouldn’t worry about that.

im talking about followings not followers. talking about accounts that i follow

looks like your are following ACCs that got banned/removed by IG

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Hello guys! It’s not specifically related to this topic, but pretty much same. I loged into one of my old accounts which had maybe ~10k or more followers and now it has only about “100”, how could this be possible?

I gained most of the followers on that account by doing automation follow/unfollow.

a lot of these accs you followings have been removed/disabled. IG’s been doing a ban wave for the past few days

Wait… you mean you lost 9900 followers and from >10K you are at 100 followers ??? @Ins

Well its basically like this. I really can’t guarantee 100%. but that account had really many thousands of followers, whether its 5000, 7000 or 10000. And now i loged into it after 1 year or so and it has just 100 followers or so…