IG REMOVING POSTS - getting crazier from day to day!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all are doing well.

Recently I have notice that posts on some of my accounts are getting removed by IG because of violating their community guide lines.

Many posts have been removed under accusation from IG that post goes against their community guide lines regarding selling some illegal goods.

But the thing is that non of the post had to do with any of their policies regarding selling illegal goods.

Just one example, one of the recent posts was funny video of the dog laying on the sofa :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

After they decided to remove it, they gave me chance to ask for a review which I did and even after reviewing it IG decided that post goes against their ToU.

Another thing that keeps me even more worrying is this information that I found:

"We remove millions of violating posts and accounts every day on Facebook and Instagram. Most of this happens automatically, with [technology] working behind the scenes to remove violating content—often before anyone sees it. Other times, our technology will detect potentially violating content but send it to review teams to check and take action on it.

This work is never finished. People will keep trying to evade our technology, so we need to keep improving."

So basically they admit that they are doing this with assistance of technology which they need to make more accurate and improved over a time.

“We spend a lot of time working on this. Over the last few years, we made several [investments] to help our technology get better at detecting subtle distinctions in content. It gets more precise every day as it continues to learn.

What does this mean, that faith of our accounts is in hands of some kind learning machine?!

Did anyone else notice anything similar or the same type of issues lately?

Any advice how to fight against this type of attacks?

Looking forward to your replies.

Have a great day.

Best Regards

Hi @Johny

this has been issued in the past few months,
even I posted my dog photo then always said it is sex or Violence.
but this is always issued on new accounts.

and also post too many or the photo has the link then del by ig
but I tried a lot of times. when the account is warned up, it will decrease these issues.
if happened on the old account means your account 99% detected by IG. needs time to solve it.
seems this is not api or something bug. it IG protection.

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They used robots to do that and for them to be more precise. They need to make mistakes. Just hold on, repost the posts you have had deleted and hope for the best. In the end it will work great.

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Hello @mkm81236 & @DonPapo :v:

Thank you for your replies :writing_hand:

So @mkm81236 your are saying that this kind of issue is present for some time, first time I noticed this back in later October/November of 2021.

But in in couple of last months I have feeling it’s getting worse and worse and the biggest problem is that those are just normal pictures/videos that absolutely doesn’t have to do anything with Sex or Violence, Nudity, Selling any type of illegal goods, drugs or animals(whatever is prohibited by IG ToU.)

You also mentioned that newer accounts are most likely to have this type of issues and after they are warmed up the issue is gone?

But the thing is here that most of my accounts are are 4-5 years old and very well aged accounts.

Never before, this started happening, I didn’t received any kind of strike from IG.

Since my accounts are ''old" how do you mean detected by IG?
You mean like flagged for doing something wrong(even if I’m not doing nothing wrong)?

@DonPapo How do mean repost deleted posts? If you don’t mind going into details?

At this moment, to be honest I’m kind of afraid to post anything since this can lead for accounts to be disabled eventually.

Looking forward to your replies.

Best Regards

Yeah I see they are now disabling music tracks. I follow a guitarist of a famous band and they blocked the song he was playing even though he owns it. Weird.

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You must obey to the liberal agenda obey

Have you been posting any of those posts earlier or those are brand new posts?

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Hey @Jaha thanks for reply.

Those are all NEW posts, that never been posted before on my account.

I also noticed that some other pages have those videos posted and that content is till up and running.

hi @Johny maybe this keyword will help you - md5
good luck man

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BTW it is an old account? how long did you using this account?
the photo you post is taken by yourself or just download from the website?

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Hello, yeah those are all old/aged accounts.

Nope, I do repost content from other pages.

PS Do you know any good app for mobile phones that is good for changing MD5 hash?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

no app for change MD5.
try to find software

You can repost via JV and it has the option there for the unique image alteration level, you can choose either small, medium, or hard changes.


Hi Jessi,

that will change the md5?

As far as I know it also changes the MD5


Thanks Eleoen its save my time!

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Yes, the option changes the MD5 as well


Don’t think that Instagram or any other bigger tech company only checks for an MD5 hash code. :roll_eyes:

Hello, if you expand the information, we will surely understand better what you mean, thanks!

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thanks Henry,

would you please explain more how to mass repost repeat photos on jarvee?
Thanks. we appreciate it