IG Scaling Problem, Thoughts?

Hey guys, so I started off with 30 accounts in this one niche and I was making a good 20 dollars a day. So I thought I hit the jackpot and decided to buy a lot more accounts. Long story short, the money I was making with those test accounts definitely did not translate when I added all the other accounts. I’m making a little more now but it isn’t close to what I should be making. So here are a list of things I changed when I scaled and I would like to hear your opinions. I know there is no clear cut way and no way for y’all to know exactly why, I would just like to hear some other opinions on this. Maybe some of y’all have changed the same things and experienced a drop in impressions.

Also, I think it should be noted that my EPC averages at .14, so my problem is impressions. With the number of accounts I have, I am getting around 2 impressions per account per day. That seems really bad and I can’t figure out the reason.

-Got rid of a weebly preelander. It was really clean and had a background and a simple button.

-Deleted a step in my landing page, to make it shorter.

-Started using cloakers, so now I have 88 cent domains posted directly to bio

-I use to only have my follow sources to “follow friends of target accounts”, but with the increase in accounts, I added the same accounts that were in my target accounts to “following people that interact with these accounts”. I also added a list of pretty good hashtags that apply directly to my niche. These are people posting images of the niche, and not really hashtags used when posting personal photos.

-Stopped posting campaigns, so my accounts have no images

-Names and bios seem a little more bot like, since I had to use complex spintax. Some of them are a stretch lol.

-Got rid of the follow tool setting for user last posted in 90 days, and changed it to 180 days.

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-Stopped posting campaigns, so my accounts have no images

-Names and bios seem a little more bot like, since I had to use complex spintax. Some of them are a stretch lol.

Post on your account, set up the re-post tool with similar related accounts.

If your accounts look like bots people are going to treat them like one.

Spend the time now to fix them up. Try the, follow accounts followers tool, get around 30+ sources use Social Blade when picking these sources after a few weeks come back and optimize the sources kill any dead ones

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Do you think I will get more bans and PVs if the bios are similar? Its pretty damn hard to make like 50-100 accounts with unique bios and names.

Also thanks for the instagram source stats tool. I’ve been looking for something like that.

unique bios is the only way to survive :smile:

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Ya so with unique bios is going to come more shitty bios when you have a bunch of accounts. Correct?

Bios help differentiate your bot accounts and real ones.

Having the same bios on hundreds of accounts I assume would increase your chance of getting banned.

Depending on what your accounts are if they are all CPA accounts, you could create a txt file like:

(Emoji) Click Link In Bio (Emoji)
(Emoji) Follow The Simple Steps (Emoji)
(Emoji) Verify You Are Human To Prevent Fraud (Emoji)

You could then use a Find and replace tool for the (Emojis) and replace it with different emjois or something, that’s just a example you can change it around and tweak it.

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I think I’m going to test the limits on bios because I literally have 200 accounts that are in the same niche so imma wing it lol.

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I experienced the same when I started scaling in my niche… was making not enough money but since about a week for some reasons the cash started rolling in.

So if I was you I would just sit and wait and perhaps they will generate you more
Money in the future

Maybe it has to do with the follower numbers? My accounts were at like 3k when I was making that money. The accounts I have ATM are around 1k.

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I already tried it in the past and i guess the limit is 7 accounts with the same bio and be careful after you exceed the limits all accounts won’t be able to perform any action until you made all bio’s unique

Did you also find out how deep spintax would need to be? I know that’s a general statement but was there heavy amounts of changes or not?

Well as i remember After you got hit by the duplicated content thing the changes must be a little deep that’s why you should avoid it in the first place.

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You should strive to make the spintax produce unique results for each one. It’s not tough given how big a bio needs to be, especially in the same niche.


I have a question, how do you avoid all your accounts follow the same account?

Hey, there is an Option in the Massplanner Settings > Social Platforms and then check Enable Follow different users…

Have a nice Day.


Hey @bungeer,

Ok, so if I’m understanding you correctly, if you have a same (or near same) bio on your accounts, instagram will cancel your interactions. Because I still do 500 likes/follows a day, but my results per account are down?

Thanks so much, this is really helpfull.


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The same bio in many accounts will result a temporary ban ( you can’t like , follow or unfollow ) in this case MP won’t perform any action and if you login to one of the accounts using Instagram app and try to like or follow it will show you ( our system detected duplicated content or something like that ) so you need to make a deep change in bio , If the bio is near the same its ok and in your case less result are due another reason because you are able to like and follow , you can check by using your phone and follow manually.

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Alright, thanks. Than that is not my case. :sweat:

Can anyone comment on using multiple URL’s on your accounts such as tumblr/weebly, i have heard having the same code (obviously different offer/redirect url) on your lading pages can cause IG to link and mass ban all your accounts?

Im assuming I should create different but similar pre landing pages with tumblr to bypass any problems but sounds rather tedious doing for 50 or 100 accounts

Ok thanks everyone!