IG - Scrape users that commented on someone's post?

  1. Is there a way, using MP or some chrome extension or some other tool, to scrape all the users that commented on someone’s post?

  2. If the answer to #1 is yes, is there a way to only scrape the users that commented some specific words?

1. Yes :slight_smile:

There two ways to do this:

No 1:
Go to Comment tool and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see option “Post url from which to extract comments”. Add url of the post there and click extract.You’ll extract usernames, comments and URL’s of users who commented…

No 2:
Go to Contact tool > Extract users and extract commenters by adding this:

Of course, you’ll replace username with actual username of the user you want to extract commenters from. This will extract 1000 users from last 15 posts, so there’s possibility that you’ll get 15000 users extracted.

2.No. :slight_smile:


Great! You saved me a ton of manual work :wink:


I used your 1st method, exported all the comments to excel, added a column with a simple formula and got what I needed: only the comments that included that word. Works great!


Smart move on number 2!


Nice twist :slight_smile: Haven’t thought about that.

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Did something change? Im looking for this now and cannot find it.

Yes, we moved the tool. Go to Social profiles, click on your IG account, then go to Scrape tools. You’ll find them there.


Do you have a link to the “Comment Tool” mentioned in this post?

PM me.


Is that on google chrome ? Do I have to download an extension ?

Is this tool still available cause idk how to find it. Thanks